Many first-time managers resort to trial and error to see what works and what does not. But you can make the transition to this role easier with Yair Hamami management tips to guide you every step of the way. If you have landed your first leadership role, don’t be intimidated that people are looking up to you for answers. Choose a confident and trust building approach to establish rapport and get the best out of your team. Here are key Yair Hamami management guidelines for making the process easier:

#1 Using Strengths To Meet Challenges

When you reach a managerial post, your activities and role expectations undergo a sea change. So, how can you make sure you are steering your team in the right direction? This Yair Hamami management tip can help. Use your skills and talents gained in the previous role to meet your challenges in the current one. Anchored by areas of strength, you can meet growing expectations and role requirements as you move into a new position. Identify your strengths, but know your weaknesses too. It’s important to be clear about what a stumbling block can be, on the path to success. You need to be aware of the pitfalls to watch out for them.

#2 Sharing is Caring, Transparency is the Key

Non-managerial employees lack access to information. But first-time managers are in a tactical position where they can use transparency and communication to generate goodwill and ensure that the team makes informed decisions. Sharing information from customer testimonials to budget cuts and strategies can really help your staff to understand their role and be part of the bigger picture, staying connected with the company.

#3 Don’t Micromanage, Look At the Big Picture Instead

Yair Hamami management mantra for first-time managers says you should develop good relations with your team, instead of micromanaging and carrying the burden on your own shoulders. Developing a strong working relationship is important rather than sticking to the performance mode alone. While work outcomes are vital and targets must be met, get to know your people and take the time to trust and empower them. Communicate well and often with your employees. As a manager, you need to have the rapport to work with the team and ensure they want to work with you!

#4 Don’t Leave Out the Praise

Give credit where it is due. Yair Hamami management steps enunciate the critical importance of this aspect for a novice manager. Take time to build recognition and reinforcement into the team culture and inculcate a positive outcome for employees who are doing a good job. Frequent and well-deserved recognition fosters a team spirit and creates a positive work environment.

#5 Understand Business, Prioritize Goals

You need to address questions from different reports taking a broader perspective of company operations, rather than a narrow minded view. With missing pieces, your assessment of the company will become an incomplete puzzle rather than a holistic picture. Spend time with senior executives and learn on the job. It is important to grow your skills and prioritize career development opportunities for your team at the same time.

Don’t Hide Behind an Open Door Policy!

As a first-time manager, you need to have the skills to be approachable to your team members. Remember that your work position does not mean you distance yourself from the team. In fact, to function effectively, you need to come closer to the team and understand their strengths and limitations, as well as your own. Don’t just rely on an open door policy or a suggestion box to connect …instead, step out and check-in on your staff and team members. Choose effective strategies to promote communication and build relationships, so that you gain lasting success, in your first managerial role.