Investors who read your business plan for your IT company seek to know how you will expand your business as it gets off the ground. This goes beyond showing how revenues will increase.

Growth strategy of your business plan is all about providing an analysis of how to bring your products and services to new customers and markets. Introducing new products that spark innovation is the Yair Hamami software tip for IT businesses that  want to think outside the box.

Growth strategy in your business plan can be demonstrated through:

  • Various business locations and new client bases
  • New products and variations of core products
  • Additional retail presence
  • Franchising
  • Online virtual stores
  • Marketing
  • Lowering costs
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Once you have utilized your original core clients, focus on who else might be interested in your products and services. Think of going from a B2C to a B2B model. New products can only grow sales if you innovate and come up with something original.

Using the internet to grow your sales for a software company makes sense, according to Yair Hamami software guidelines. Your plan should demonstrate economies of sale and growth through acquisition. Startups are established only when they expand into fresh markets. Choose joint ventures with companies fit for your product and distribution methods, as these present fresh chances for growth and innovation.

  • Yair Hamami Software Business Plan

A software business plan, according to Yair Hamami guidelines, serves as a catapult or catalyst for growth. Business plans are an essential tool for companies raising capital. Yair Hamami recommends that your software business plan needs to be investor ready.

Venture capitalists and angel investors should be interested in your business plan. For this, you should be able to see the project through the eyes of the investor. An investor ready business plan demonstrates that you have clarity in mission and an expert in the industry.

Yair Hamami software tips for business plan suggest that IT companies need to be clear about their organizational structure and commitment to corporate goals. Investors invest in businesses, not just the ideas or concepts they are based on. Your plan needs to show that your customer needs and requirements are met whether it is through skillful marketing or innovative production.

Your business plan needs to consider the overall market for your service or product with details of the customer base. Investors need to know your market reach and how you will fulfill customer needs. Your marketing aspect of your investor-ready business plan will outline competitive advantage to investors and accurate information about the marketplace, the customers and the competitors. From sales figures to ROI, complete transparency is needed if you want to attract good investors.

Your business plan should contain the following components:


  • Customers or intended target audience
  • Market size
  • Demographics
  • Growth prospects
  • Trends and sales



Barriers to entry need to be discussed as well as the steps to overcome them. With the Yair Hamami business plan tips in place, you should be able to attract the finances your company deserves.