Do you want to achieve success in business? There are tons of ways, but one of the most effective ways is new mobile tech. Today more consumers than ever are using smartphones and tablets, so it’s important to leverage the tech to help boost your company’s sales figures. Here’s some tech you should know about:

1. Responsive Design
This tech can be one of your company’s keys to success in business. This is about creating a site that’s not designed for only one format. The site instead resizes based on a mobile device’s screen size. This is an effective way to make your website mobile-friendly.

2. Mobile banking/payments
This is another great use of mobile technology to help your company reach success in business. There are tons of apps that make it quick and easy to make mobile payments. There are even apps from particular banks that will make it especially easy to do transactions with those financial institutions.

3. Video messaging app
Today messaging is more important than ever and help your company to reach success in business. There are also several business apps for video messaging. They include Viddy, Tout, and others. There are times when it’s enough to send a text message or e-mail in the world of business.

There are other times when video messages are more practical. The good news is there are many apps for that! You can make a short clip to send to your customers and such to provide them with critical information. It will be more personal fi you use video messaging instead of text messaging.

4. Mobile-friendly site
Your company might decide that it doesn’t need to launch a mobile app. That’s OK! That said, if you want to achieve success in business it’s important to make sure your site is compatible for most mobile devices, such as iOS and Android.

There are various steps you can take. One of the most practical ones is to adjust your site so it can be viewed on a tiny screen such as a tablet or smartphone. You could even launch a new mobile version of your official website that make it easier for mobile owners to access. It’s a compromise between desktop sites and mobile apps.

5. Paperless office
A great benefit of mobile apps is that they help to make your company more efficient. That’s through tools such as e-mail, e-documents, social media, etc. Creating a paperless workplace not only helps to reduce clutter bus also good for the environment. A more efficient company is a more profitable one, which is a plus.

6. Management tasks
You can also find several mobile apps that will make your management easier. One study showed that management teams used mobile apps for tasks related to time management, scheduling, mapping, according, communications, etc. Regardless of the functions you use the apps for, they can definitely make your company’s management easier and more effective.

These are just some of the many mobile tech options that can result in success in business. It’s mobile tech time!