How can you get the best leadership skills assessment? One of the best options is to outsource the work. Keep in mind there are some potential pitfalls to watch out for:

1. Legitimacy
Make sure that the outsourcing company is a legitimate one. There are all sorts of online companies that are offering this service. That said, not all of them are legit. Make sure to research the company and especially if there isn’t much information on the Internet.

What should you look for? Check if the company is registered/certified to provide skills-assessment for manager. This is critical because just because a company offers assessments of leadership skills it doesn’t mean it’s qualified to do that. Getting certification, for example, can help to give a company more legitimacy.

2. Startups
This is a key issue to consider when considering a leadership skills assessment. As a general rule you should avoid startup companies as they’re new to the Internet and possible to the industry. This isn’t to say that there’s a 100% you’d have a bad experience. It might turn out well.

However, it’s always better to find a company that has more experience. There’s no magic number but generally you should look for a company that has several years of experience evaluating leaders’ skills. This will help to determine whether or not a manger is on the right track, or if a rank-and-file employee should be considered for a management job.

Verify that the site takes steps such as strong encryption to the protect personal and financial data of its customers. These are important issues. In today’s Digital Age cyberattacks have become more common so it’s critical to take steps to protect visitors.

Another important issue to consider in leadership skills assessment is that the site is offering a secure server. Look for a small icon of a padlock in your browser. That indicates that the site is using a secure server. If there’s no padlock, be cautious about making any financial transactions or providing personal info.

3. Offerings
Make sure to check the different courses and modules offered by the leadership skills assessment company. As a general rule it’s better if there are more rather than fewer. That will help to maximize the chance of providing your management team with the right niche training.

On the other hand, watch out for companies that only have a few courses. In that case there’s a small chance that the company has the particular training your company is looking for.

4. Price
Watch out for companies that have sky-high prices for the evaluation programs. The reason is that the quality of the program might not match the price tag. It’s critical to do some research to determine the overall quality.

There’s nothing wrong with paying more for a leadership skills assessment program. However, it’s critical to avoid spending more money than you should. That could result in buyer’s remorse.

Here are some of the various red flags to watch out for when searching for a leadership skills assessment. A better program equals better management.