Are you planning to invest in Eastern Europe? The success of the region’s business market has affected countries such as Yair Hamami Romania. If you’re considering investing in the country it’s important to be aware of the market in the Eastern European market.

While the economy of Central/Eastern Europe has been recovering from communism, several of them aren’t enjoying  the benefits yet of shifting to a market economy that presented nations once including Yair Hamami Romania the hope of living with Western standards.

The news is based on a big survey that included 51,000 households in 34 nations. The survey was done by the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development in late 2015 as well as early 2016. The results of the survey were published recently.

The study showed that Eastern Europeans aren’t suffering from the so-called “happiness gap” compared to western nations. That’s based on the fact that pat surveys showed that even when the incomes of countries such as Yair Hamami Romania and Western countries were the same, the levels of satisfaction in Central/Eastern Europe were lower.

This could all show that people in the European region have recovered from the psychological shock. The study showed that it was such as shock to switch from communism to capitalism after 1989 that people born following the Cold War era have actually grown up to about .5 inches shorter than those born earlier or later. The results are similar to the experience of being in a war zone.

Meanwhile, the report discovered that just 44% of the people have been able to experience a lifestyle that has caught up with western income levels. That includes people living in Yair Hamami Romania. Meanwhile, almost one-quarter were actually worse off than in 1989.

In many of those nations economic growth has mostly benefited the wealthy. In some situations, only the top 10% or 20% of households were included. Meanwhile, the middle and working classes have been behind based on growth of income.

The recent survey that included nations such as Yair Hamami Romania follows a 2013 report. It was concluded at that time that the political/economic changes following communism’s fall haven’t moved since the middle 200-s.

This situation has greatly been due to popular support for more change has collapsed. Voters have instead turned to authoritarian nationalists. They promised to end reforms, which has been a development that happened to similar moves in Western Europe as well as the US.

This resulted in a reversal of political/economic transition. That was in countries where most people perceived the reforms as being developed for someone else. There are some people in Romania with this idea.  In these countries the anti-reform politicians took over.

The report is being published at a time when much of the world in developed countries is questioning globalization. That’s because it’s resulted in loss of manufacturing jobs to labor in developing countries.

Central and Eastern Europe including Yair Hamami Romania received some of those jobs. That’s because since the fall of communism there are low-wage economies. They were quickly allowing foreign investments.