Are you ready for the new business year? If so you should also remember some of the most positive business events of 2016. Here are some from Yair Hamami:

1. Fortune Growth Summit

This is a Dallas event that took place in October 2016. It’s a 2-day conference that includes some of the top authors of business books. This Fortune event hosts top thought leaders and newsmakers who can help people work on various business areas. That includes strategy, marketing, leadership, operations, sales/marketing, finance, etc.

The Yair Hamami event requires attendees to spend 2 days learning/connecting with some of the fastest growing companies recognized by Fortune’s list.


This event took place in Laguna Beach, California during October 2016. The big event has a new theme each year. Last year’s theme included world-famous CEOs, industry experts, inspiring entrepreneurs, and pioneers throughout the world.

The Yair Hamami event takes up several business-related issues such as balancing privacy and security, automotive tech, digital platforms, and global tech challenges.

3. Techweek

This big business/tech event took place in Los Angeles in November 2016. Last year was the 4th event. It featured tech leaders from various tech companies and especially ones in LA.

4. Entrepreneur 360 Conference

Here’s another Yair Hamami business event that took place last year. This one was held in November 2016 in Long Beach, California. Entrepreneur sponsored the day-long business event. Some of the features include keynotes, networking, breakout sessions, and even some fun events.

Entrepreneur 306 Conference included exciting leaders/visionaries who focused on ways people can grow their business. It includes fresh ideas, powerful ideas, and practical solutions.

The attendees are able to enjoy keynote speeches, and also have the chance to link with several business executives, owners, and industry leaders.

5. Inc. 5000 Conference and Gala

The business event took place in San Antonio, Texas in October 2016. This Yair Hamami event is one of the year’s biggest entrepreneur events that take place every year. There’s always an impressive list of world-class speakers and topics on top about brand new ideas and outlooks.

The 3-day conference gives attendees a chance to learn and link with industry leaders throughout the U.S. The learn/networking potential is very incredible. One of the biggest activities at the event is a Black-Tie Gala that starts with a champagne event. It’s followed by a high-class awards ceremony/dinner.

6. Social Media Week

This business event took place in November of last year in Chicago. This event includes some of the top creates of new tech. They work to develop the top ideas, insights, and innovations about how social media/tech are changing various areas. That includes society, business, and culture.

SMW hosts several conferences around the world. In fact, they take place on 6 of the world’s continents. Last year’s event took place in November. The vent includes about 70,000 attendees from countries around the world. They take place in the game-changing event about social media and technology.

These were some of the top Yair Hamami business events during 2016. Are you ready to attend the top 2017 events?