Are you looking for companies to invest in? If so then there are certain companies that will likely experience fast growth in 2017. Here are some Yair Hamami picks to consider:

  1. America Eagle Outfitters

Here’s another Yair Hamami company to watch out for in 2017. The teen-oriented retail company has survived while several rivals have already filed for bankruptcy. The company has also experienced six quarters in a row of same-store sales increases.

This fact shows the importance of some actions. They include having the right product lines and using data to minimize discounting and manage inventory.

  1. Amazon

This is another fast-growing company to consider investing in during 2017. The company’s Amazon Prime memberships continue to increase. Also, the company’s Web-services business has also allowed the e-commerce company to boost profits. That’s even happened although the company is investing more in new products/services.

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

This popular burrito chain has survived some issues involving foodborne illnesses in 2015. However, the company has boosted marketing, added giveaways, and launched a loyalty program. However, the company has the goal of boosting its repeat customers. It remains to be seen if it can do that, but the company’s product line of healthy Mexican food makes it a possibility.

  1. Caterpillar

This is another Yair Hamami pick for 2017 regarding fast-growing companies. The manufacturer of heavy equipment experienced four years of operating losses up through 2016. The problem is a cut in the famous company’s debt rating could be a major threat to the financing unit of the business.

However, the company has been around for quite a while, so there’s a company can turn things around and boost sales/profits. It will be interesting to see what happens during the next few quarters. That will be an indicator if the company is taking the right steps.

  1. Adidas

This is a Yair Hamami pick for 2017 for various reasons. It recently started to lose market share to the market leader Nike and Under Armour. However, the global sportswear brand has made a comeback. The company has boosted its marketing spending. Not only that, but the Stan Smith lifestyle shoe has become a hot item again by making a comeback.  In 2015 the company spent over one-fifth more on marketing than during the previous year.

  1. CBS

It’s interesting that CBS and Viacom have different results regarding business. The companies have been apart for a decade. So there’s a possibility the companies could join forces again due to these issues. This could be a Yair Hamami pick for a while if that happens.

A merger would allow CBS to have a bigger portfolio of TV networks.  It would also allow the CEO to run a major film studio, which is something he’d like to do. However, there are a few possible drawbacks so remains to be seen what will happen.

These are some of the top Yair Hamami companies you should consider investing in this year due to them becoming some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world.