Are you looking for various leadership activities your company can do? There are various options and here are some of the most important ones from Yair Hamami leadership tips:

  1. Leader as Coach

The goal of this activity is a 3-step process that managers can use to help workers take action.

How does the activity work? The workshop should be opened using a short story with the title “My Best Boss.” When telling the story, it’s important to explain that one of the company’s senior managers was asked to describe how he would define a “best boss.” The manager responded by then saying that it was easy. The manager gave him work and then required him to do it. That encouraged him to take action.

Why is this one of the top leadership activities? He continues to explain that people are needed to complete work. So it’ important to develop people via work.

The next step in this activity is to highlight how important it is to know which questions should be asked and the order they should be asked in. Next, divide the workers into small groups of 3-4 people. Ask them to then walk around the room to 3 different stations. At each of the stations, they must create 3-4 questions under various headings.

  1. Coaching as Conversation

The goal of this activity that’s one of the top leadership activities is to identify the right approach to a coaching session with one of your team members.

Here’s how it works. Participants must be asked to list 3 different performance problems that their employees experience. It could be in the past or present. Then participants must ask to describe the nature of the problem. After they’re done, they must put the Post-It notes on any of the 4 flip-charts. There should be a heading that is ideal for the problem.

The participants then get the chance to scribe the performance problem. They must also explain how they’d approach the coaching talk based one of the various four options. The facilitator then asks questions to clarify the reasoning/intentions of the participant. There’s no doubt that this is one of the top leadership activities that your company can do.

  1. Leadership Challenged

Here’s another of the top leadership activities your company can use. The goal is to explore moments of leadership challenges.

Here are the steps. Start out by asking the participants to react to a note provided by a quote from Martin Luther King. The quote is: “The man is being measured during the times where there are controversy and challenges, not in moments of comfort and convenience.

Then divide the group into small groups. Each participant should give some examples of actions that they’ve taken when they had a moment of either challenge or crisis.

After everyone has given an example, then ask the groups to identify some leadership traits that were discussed during the moment of truth.

These are some of the top leadership activities your company can use on a monthly or yearly basis.