Are you planning to use a viral marketing strategy this year? If so then it’s important to know which strategy and business platforms you should select from. Here are some of the best Yair Hamami business strategy options:

  1. Facebook

This is the world’s largest social network and was founded in 2004. The strategy and business platform was co-founded by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Facebook has about 1.8 billion monthly active users

The platform continues to grow in a number of users and revenue. Last year’s revenue alone was about $27.6 billion, and it now has over 17,000 employees. If you want to build a viral marketing campaign, it’s highly advisable to include Facebook in it due to the scope of the platform.

Not only that but Facebook is a good option regarding advertising. The company has been focusing in the recent year on monetizing many of its services, which provides companies the ability to earn money by showing ads to their target market.

  1. Twitter

This is another top strategy and business platform that you should consider for viral marketing. The microblogging social platform has had some issue during the past few years but is still one of the largest ones on the web.

The company has been making a various change to the business’ structure, user interface, etc. Last year Twitter raked in about $2.5 billion but still reported net income. Some of the criticisms of the platform have included some of its functionalities and other issues.

However, Twitter has over 319 million monthly active users (2016) and has been defined as the “SMS of the Internet.” The Strategy and Business platform have become one of the biggest sources of news during major events including the 2106 US presidential election.

It is unknown what changes Twitter plans to make in the next few years. However, what’s important is that it can be an effective tool for your viral marketing campaign.

  1. Google+

Google has become the world’s most popular search engine. The company has had mixed results with its Google+ social platform, but it’s one worth considering as a strategy and business platform for your viral marketing campaign.

The platform was launched in 2011. This is the fourth social network of the search giant. The platform includes many features and is one of the best options when developing viral marketing ads. It’s not the most used platform, but it has many loyal users, so it’s a great option for the campaign.

  1. Instagram

This platform is owned by Facebook and is a photo-sharing platform. As a result, it’s an excellent option for your viral marketing campaign. It’s easier to prominently display your company’s products in your ad campaign.

The platform was launched in October 2010.  It allows its users to share not only images but also videos. This can be done publically or privately. Users can also add different digital filters to images. This is a helpful feature when creating ads.

These are some of the top strategy and business platforms for your viral marketing strategy.