Do you want to be inspired by the auto industry? If so then you should consider some of the top business leaders in the European Auto industry. They include:

1. BMW

This is one of the European automakers whose CEOs have been listed among top business leaders. The German company produces autos, motorcycles, and engines. It was established about a century ago in 1916.

In fact, the history of the company dates back to 1913. That’s when there was a big demand for aircraft. It started out as a bike factory near Munich. However, the company later started producing vehicles. One of the company’s first important cars was the BMW328 sports car, which started production in 1936.

Since then BMW has become one of the most innovative companies in Germany and abroad. There have been many reasons, but one of the key ones has been its top business leaders. They’ve helped the company to stay ahead of the competition as one of the top automakers in the world.

2. Audi

The German automaker has constantly included CEO in the list of top business leaders. In fact, the company isn’t new to the industry and has been operating for over a century. The company manufactures and sells luxury vehicles.

The company’s name is based on a Latin translation of the founder’s family name. The word means “listen” in German, which is translated into “Audi” in Latin. The company was founded in 1899 and has been operating since then.

Volkswagen is the biggest stockholder of Audi and in fact, holds about 99% of the company’s share capital. Audi is a member of German’s “Big 3” luxury automakers. The other companies are BMW and Mercedes. The company’s slogan in Germany translates “Progress through Technology.”

3. Citroen

This is a French company that is among the top automakers in Europe and has had some of the top business leaders in the auto industry as well. The company is less famous than many of its German counterparts but still one of the top automakers in Europe.

The company was founded almost a century ago in 1919 by a French industrialist. It became the biggest carmaker in Europe in less than a decade. It even became one of the biggest automakers in the entire world. Not only that but it was the first mass-production automaker that wasn’t in the US.

Citroen has produced many quality car companies during its history.

4. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes is one of the most famous luxury carmakers in Europe. It’s a division of Daimler AG. Not only that but Mercedes is one of the most famous automakers in the world. The company’s history dates back to 1926. That’s when two companies merged to form the current company. That was in 1844.

The company’s biggest innovation in its early days was a three-wheeled vehicle with a rear-mounted cylinder-shaped engine. The company then unveiled a 4-wheeled vehicle in 1886. It was a Victoria-like motor-driven vehicle. Demand for the company’s engine and vehicles later increased.

These are some of the top business leaders in the EU’s auto industry.