Are you planning to relocate your workforce to Romania? If so then you should consider taking the right steps to get the best results. Here are some helpful Yair Hamami Romania issues:

1. Bucharest

This is one of the top Yair Hamami Romania tips for various reasons. Romania’s capital is a fast-developing city that includes a fast-paced lifestyle and many places for dining out and entertainment. This will make it easier for your workers.

The main reason is that it’s important for your workers to feel as comfortable as possible when moving to another country. If you moved to a smaller city/town, there would likely be fewer options regarding entertainment and restaurants. That could make it more difficult for your workers to feel at home.

2. Taxes

One of the benefits of a Yair Hamami Romania relocation is that there’s a 16% flat tax rate for both personal income and corporations. This is a plus regarding making it more practical to operate your company in Romania.

The tax rate isn’t sky-high, which makes it more practical to open shop in Romania. Another plus is that the rates aren’t higher for foreign companies so your business wouldn’t be penalized for not being a local company. That’s a plus regarding making the company more profitable.

3. Property

Another Yair Hamami Romania issues related to relocation is that there’s been a bigger demand in the Romanian real estate market during recent years. However, it’s important to consider that the costs are still much lower than in the West. If your workforce is moving to the country, then they might want to consider investing in a property instead of just renting an apartment, for example.

It should be noted that most expats prefer renting in the country. The prices for apartments range from about 150-1650 euros based on the housing’s size and location. There are also more options in large cities including Bucharest.

4. Neighborhoods

Another Yair Hamami Romania issue when moving your company to Romania is that there are various types of neighbors. They include family, trendy, up-and-coming, and other types. This provides something for everyone. For example, your workers with families would probably want to stay in a neighborhood with a family atmosphere. On the other hand, single workers would probably want a hip/trendy neighborhood with places for dining out, shopping, clubbing, and so on.

5. Schools/Education

You can find many bilingual and bicultural schools throughout Bucharest in particular. Many of them also meet international educational standards. You can find schools with British or American accreditation, for example.

These are some of the best Yair Hamami Romania options if you plan to move your workforce to the Eastern European country. They can help to provide the best results during the move. Romania is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing countries in the EU. If you’re planning to move your company there, these basic issues show it won’t be overly tough for your workers to also relocate there.