Is your company developing a business strategy for perishable items? If so then you should consider Yair Hamami strategy that includes the best steps to prevent possible issues. Here are some of the most important tips:

1. Pack the items as closely as possible

You could stack up to the items or put them in a tin container. You could also use wax paper in between different layers of cookies or other pastries. This Yair Hamami strategy is effective in making sure that the items are all as snug as possible.

That, in turn, will help to prevent them from breaking while being sent. There’s a lot of movement when items are shipped, and especially when it’s over long distances. This highlights the importance of taking steps to reduce the likelihood of the items being damaged.

2. Use Styrofoam to insulate cold items

This is an excellent option. First, put all the items in a cooler then seal it up. You can also use Styrofoam planks to build a ‘cooler’ inside the box.

3. Wrap up food tightly

You could use items such as plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This Yair Hamami strategy is helpful because it will help to keep the food in one piece while being shipped. When shipping perishables, you’ll not only want to make sure the items don’t spoil but also that they stay together when shipped. That’s why you should make sure the food is wrapped tightly.

4. Use duct tape for the right applications

Another helpful Yair Hamami strategy tip is to use duct tape for certain applications. For example, it’s not a good choice when you’re sealing the package. The reason is that it can melt in high temperatures and lose in cold temps. You should also avoid using masking tape.

A better option is to use tape that’s designed for packages. This will help to provide the best results for you.

5. Keep jars/bottles safe

What’s the best way to do that? It’s recommended that you add 2+ inches of cushioning all around various types of fragile items such as glass. It’s also important for the bottles and jars to be sealed well. These are helpful tips to help keep them as safe as possible when shipping items.

This is of the utmost importance for multiple reasons. The most obvious benefit is that the containers will be safeguarded during the trip. On the other hand, consider that if a container broke the food could contaminate the other containers. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid since it would damage the entire shipment.


6. Use the right packaging

Here’s another critical Yair Hamami strategy to use when your company ships perishable goods. For example, avoid using newspaper for packing material. The reason is it doesn’t provide your shipment with enough cushioning. Better options are Instapak, plastic foam peanuts, or bubble wrap.

If your company ships perishable items, these Yair Hamami strategy tips will help you to have the best results when shipping order.