Do you have Filipino employees? If so then it’s important to use effective Yair Hamami leadership strategies. Here are some of the main issues:

  1. Feedback

It’s common for Filipino workers to be shy or embarrassed when what you’re asking for isn’t understood. One of the top leadership strategies is to encourage them to feel comfortable about asking for clarifications or more details about certain tasks/projects.

It’s important to consider that this is more of a cultural issue than a business issue. However, it could certainly affect the completion of tasks. The key is to make your Filipino staff feel at ease about providing feedback when something is unclear. It will help to make sure everyone is on the same page and will make your management more effective.

  1. Emotions

It’s important also to note that Filipinos tend to be quite emotional. This could affect your leadership strategies. For example, it’s important to note that your feedback about their work will have a major effective on them. That’s true for both positive and negative feedback. So it’s important to keep this in mind when providing it.

So let’s say that you provide some negative feedback. If it’s not done in an effective way, it could cause the workers to feel “unworthy” about working for you. This is why it’s important to consider using effective leadership strategies when providing feedback.

For example, it’s important to consider providing some positive feedback before providing negative feedback. This will help to build trust in you and sometimes even help them from disappearing. That’s another issue to consider because the Filipino workers wouldn’t likely inform you that they were upset by the negative feedback. They might just disappear instead.

  1. Family

Filipino culture is very family-oriented. So one way to keep your workers happy is by keeping their families happy. One of the main factors that would cause your workers to leave your company is if their families advise them to do that based on salary, workload, family time, etc.

  1. Communication

It’s important regarding leadership strategies to keep an open line of communication with your Filipino workers. For example, if there are any issues or problems related to their work they might be uncomfortable about informing you about them.

The way to deal with the situation is to make sure to give and receive feedback from time to time. For example, it could involve asking them if there are any problems if they need help with something, etc. This will help to deal with any problems before they become major. In business, there’s always going to be some difficulties and miscommunication. That’s why it’s important to communicate regularly to deal with such issues.

  1. Favoritism

It’s highly advisable not to show favoritism when dealing with Filipino workers. It’s important to show that all of the workers are important to you as the business owner. For example, always make sure to listen to both sides when there’s a conflict, for example.

If you want to have the best results when dealing with Filipino workers, you should consider these leadership strategies.