Are you looking for new leadership activities? Such activities can be used in the classroom to help prepare youngsters to be future leaders. Here are some of the best Yair Hamami leadership options:

  1. Qualities of a Leader

Here’s another of the effective leadership activities for classrooms. It begins with students giving a list of qualities/characteristics they think are critical for leadership. Elect one student to walk to the front of the classroom then write each characteristic on the whiteboard as the students provide their ideas.

During this time you should write the traits on small pieces of paper. Put them in a hat. Some examples of possible characteristics can be strength, empathy, decision-making, goals, risk-taking, integrity, respect, and so on.

The next step is to divide the students into small groups of 3-4 students. Ask each of them to send one representative to remove one leadership quality from the hat. The rep’s’ job is to share the one trait they picked with the rest of their group.

This is easily one of the top leadership activities for middle school and high school students. Each group in this activity must then make a scenario in which the picked leadership trait is shown. They must act out a skit in front of the entire class. The groups must make their scenarios. They must also figure out which roles the various group members will have during the activity.

The groups must take turns to act out their scenarios. The remainder of the class is required to guess the trait they’re showing. The goal is to show the trait clearly. Then the class can identify the trait easily. It’s also helpful if extra leadership traits are determined from the same skit.

There can then be a short talk following each skit that’s done. This is done to evaluate how well the group showed each leadership characteristic. IT’s important for there to be as much talk about each trait/skit that’s allowed within the timeframe. This will help to produce the best results.

  1. Stand by Your Quote

This is one of the effective leadership activities that can be used in classrooms. Start by writing various inspiring quotes on a big piece of construction paper. Then put the quotes on the walls of the classroom. You can either research quotes or find online lists. The goal is to provide quotes that talk about different features of leadership.

Then ask the students to read the quotes. They should then stand by the quote that best fits their personal views about the character traits of a good leader. Then after everyone has picked a quote, they can explain to the group why they picked a particular quote. This is one of the most effective Leadership Activities for classrooms. Make sure to inform the students that there aren’t any right or wrong answers.

Next, write some of the kids’ main ideas on the board. The class will then have discussions about those ideas.

These are some of the top options for leadership activities in the classroom.