Are you looking for international strategy & business stories to motivate you? There are several but here are some of the best ones:

  1. Hague Quality Water

This company has built a successful business over time and is one of the top international strategy & business stories. The company’s management team was looking for a way to support/organize all of its business partners. It wanted an online solution. The company hired an agency to build local sites in some of the company’s most critical markets.

Social media is important for the company’s sales. So when it built its first European site, it focused on Internet marketing abilities. After building the site, the agency ensures that web-based forums such as Facebook are fresh and relevant as well as effective for generating leads. This has made the company more competitive in its global markets.

This situation was welcomed by distributors and partners. That’s due to the extra marketing support and leads the sites to create. This is one reason the company is often included in strategy & business stories. They’ve even become regular contributors themselves.

The company’s marketing director said the feedback from distributors is positive. It’s resulted in the generation of leads and support from local websites.

Part of the company’s challenge has been its multi-channel sales. The company sells to B2C as well as B2B. The company also must reach building specifiers. Reputation is important for each type of client. So it’s important to nurture the brand since it’s critical for the sales process. This is one of the reasons the company is often mentioned in strategy & business stories.

  1. WDM

WDM is a family-owned company that’s sometimes included in strategy & business stories. It’s a world leader in providing road surfaces that are safer. The company has recently launched its first global site to support export sales.

The company is the top manufacturer/provider of equipment for road surveying and surveying. It’s been doing road condition assessment for over 4 decades. This means it’s an excellent option for companies looking for such services. The company decided that it wanted its company to go global. The company realized to achieve that goal the company would need websites that are fully localized and supported digital marketing that was localized as well.

The company picked business due to its global program. It would provide the company with a total global web-based marketing package that was ready to go to market. It included a total redesign and update of the brand identity of WDM as well as the company’s online presence.

The agency also built a new UK website and expanded the local websites in Spain, France, and the USA. This was all supported by constant web marketing to allow WDM to communicate with current/potential customers in countries including the UK, Spain, France, and the USA.

If you’re looking for a Yair Hamami business strategy & business stories to provide motivation for your company, these are some of the top ones.  They can help to motivate your company to achieve the same level of success.