Does a person need formal training to achieve success in a particular industry? There are several successful entrepreneurs stories of people who had success in business without graduating from college. Yair Hamami success stories include:

  1. Richard Branson

Branson is often mentioned in successful entrepreneurs stories. His net worth is believed to be around $4.9 billion. Branson founded Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and several other Atlantic brands. Although he never completed high school and dropped out at 16 years old Branson still succeeded. He also was dyslexic and performed poorly in school.

Branson went on to become very successful in the business world. He highlights the importance of education and also believes schools should be providing more help for entrepreneurs.

  1. Larry Ellison

Ellison is the former Oracle CEO. He dropped out of two colleges. Ellison’s net worth is now $54 billion. He built databases for the CIA then founded a company called SDL in 1977. That was with two business partners. The company later became known as Oracle Systems Corporation several years later in 1982.

Ellison is still the chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle.

  1. Steve Jobs

Jobs is famous for making Apple a successful company not only once but twice. He helped the company to develop and launch products including Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Jobs graduated from high school in 1972 but dropped out of college, which his parents were barely able to afford. This is an interesting fact even though Jobs is often included in successful entrepreneurs stories.

When he died in 2011 Jobs’ net worth was quite high at $11 billion. Apple’s other co-founder Steve Wozniak also didn’t finish college and is worth about $100 million.

  1. David Green

Green has a net worth of almost $6 billion. He’s often in successful entrepreneurs stories but never attended college but went on to found Hobby Lobby. It’s a chain of arts/crafts stores. He had a high school diploma but decided not to attend college. He decided instead to launch a home-based company in the 1970s. He was able to do that with just a $600 loan.

The company was so successful by 1972 that Green was able to open a retail store. Green is a famous philanthropist. He donates half of his earnings to religious groups. It’s believed Green has donated about $500 million to such groups.

  1. Dave Thomas

Thomas was the founder and CEO of the famous fast food chain Wendy’s. Thomas is often mentioned in successful entrepreneurs stories. He dropped out of high school so he could work full time at a restaurant located in Indiana. When Thomas passed away in 2002 at the age of 69, his net worth was reportedly nearly $100 million.

Thomas opened the first Wendy’s restaurant back in 1969. The chain experienced successes and failures. Then Thomas started showing up in hundreds of commercials. This made him popular among TV audiences. The company started to achieve major success in the 1990s.

These are some of the top examples of successful entrepreneurs stories involving businesspeople who didn’t graduate from college.