Do you have online foreign workers? If so then you might be wondering which Yair Hamami software you should use. There are many options including following ones:

  1. HiveDesk

This software offers various features including screenshots and time-tracking. There are also other options that you should consider. Each worker is given 1+ projects. You can assign project priorities, project managers, user permissions, and tasks. This will help to keep the projects better organized.

There are other features of this Yair Hamami software. You can switch screenshots on/off based on the particular project you’re working on. That’s a great feature if you don’t want screenshots on 100% of the time for a particular project. However, it might be needed for another project so you have that option.

The dashboard has an excellent design. It shows a lot of info. That includes your open tasks, calendar, projects, etc. The good news is that you won’t feel that the info is cluttered, which is a plus.

Truth be told HiveDesk doesn’t have several of the advanced features that other software has including location monitoring, payroll integration, GPS, time limit controls, and so on.

That said, if you’re looking for basic time-tracking software then this is a good option in terms of Yair Hamami software.


This is one of the top options for Yair Hamami software if you have global workers. It’s based on 10 minutes of work or “work snaps.” You’re able to view the employee’s’ time within the snaps. That include random screenshots, mouse/keyboard activity, and popular activities.

Users can also assign various people to the various project and give them roles in those projects. There are particular users that require more/less accountability.  Worksnaps provides you with power to customize their personal settings.

  1. Time Doctor

Here’s another Yair Hamami software product you should consider if you have global online workers. Your workers must first download the desktop/laptop app. When that start/stop working they have to press the timer. The app will record the amount of time they spend on each project, task, or client.

Based on the personalities of your team members the feature will be helpful or problematic.

The screenshots are taken randomly when workers are running the software’s timer. In the case that a screenshot is captured and an employee wants to delete it, the software allows them to do that. However, the time is subtracted from the total work hours.

  1. Toggl

This is an excellent option if you have a consultancy or agency. The software has many time-tracking features. They include:

  • Report generation
  • Online timer for workers to record active time
  • Offline mode
  • Dashboard/project organization

Another key feature is billable rates. They can be set per worker or by the project. This is an excellent feature of the Yair Hamami software.

Based on data that’s collected Toggl makes weekly summary reports. You simply have to upload your company’s logo then zip them off to your client.

One issue you should consider is that Toggl doesn’t offer screenshots. So if that’s a feature you’re looking for you might want to consider different software.