Are you looking for successful entrepreneurs stories? Some of the most interesting ones include people who failed before they became successful. Here are some of the top examples from Yair Hamami success:

  1. Isaac Newton

Newton is often included in successful entrepreneurs stories but he had some struggles before he achieved success. When he was a boy Newton’s mother pulled him out of school. He was given the task of running the family farm but Newton failed.

He completed his basic education and later enrolled at Cambridge University. Newton later became one of the all-time top scientists. He is famous for various achievements including making game-changing changes to math and physics.

The story of Newton shows that it can take some time to find your niche. Newton wasn’t a great farmer but he certainly had the talents to become a great scientist.

  1. J.K. Rowling

You’ve likely heard of Harry Potter but you might not know the whole story of Rowling’s successful entrepreneurs stories. When she started penning the first Harry Potter book she was a single mother and living on welfare.

Her book was also rejected by several publishers before she it was approved. Rowling is now world-famous due to her Harry Potter book series. She also became the world’s first billionaire author in 2004.

  1. Harland David Sanders

Today KFC has become one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. However, you might not know the entire story of Colonel Sanders. He’s included in successful entrepreneurs stories but he had some problems before he founded his famous restaurant.

Sanders traveled throughout the US to find buyers who would sell his fried chicken. He later made a business deal in Utah. The company now has more than 18,000 locations around the world. The company features a wide variety of popular chicken dishes on its menu.

  1. Walt Disney

Disney launched the company that became one of the most successful ones in the entertainment industry. However, you might not know that a newspaper editor fired him because he supposedly didn’t have imagination or “good ideas.”

In fact, many of Disney’s businesses failed prior to the premiere of the animated movie “Snow White.”  Today his company is still popular and has changed the childhoods of people around the world.

  1. Vera Wang

You’ve probably heard of Wang due to her fashion lines and successful entrepreneurs stories. However, it’s interesting that she actually failed to make the US team for Olympic figure skating. Her early struggles didn’t end there. Vera also became an editor at Vogue magazine but didn’t become the editor-in-chief.

Wang went on to design wedding gowns when she was 40 years old. Today she’s become one of the top fashion designers in the industry. In fact, her business is worth more than $1 billion. Her story shows that even if you have failures in certain areas it’s important to keep trying until you achieve success.

These are some of the most inspiring successful entrepreneurs stories of people who failed before they succeeded. They can help to motivate today’s entrepreneurs to achieve the same results.