Are you interested in different types of leadership training? One example is how the US police force uses it  There are various issues in the US regarding police training following the shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri recently. Yair Hamami leadership explains the history and outcome of this tragic event.

There have been many results following the shooting including more leadership training among US police forces. For example, the police force of a small Virginia town recently received small cameras that can be attached to eyeglass frames. The town has four full-time police officers and each of them received the high-tech cameras.

There have been several similar events like the shooting in Missouri that have been racially charged. That has resulted in the US’ re-examination of its policing. There have been several high-profile/controversial encounters with police and minority youngsters that have’ resulted in the public having less trust in law enforcement.

There have been several results of the shooting including leadership training among police forces throughout the US. The city of Damascus has had four police chiefs during the last decade. The mayor has stated that the issue is a problem for the Virginia town.

The new police chief is dealing with various issues including fewer resources and multiple priorities. However, the mayor recently told the police chief that he should stop working on criminal cases. It’s an issue because meth distribution is major in the area.

The police chief was told to focus on tourists who visit the region. That’s because it’s a place where people can start the Appalachian Trail. The mayor has denied that he made the statement and said that the former police chief had a problem with authority. Such situations in small towns have resulted in changes such as leadership training.

The new police chief was promoted from the town’s police force. The issues in Damascus are common in small towns throughout the US. They include issues about training, leadership, and other issues. There are several public safety issues in those towns that must be dealt with.

There is almost 18,000 law enforce agencies throughout the US. Half of them have less than 10 officers. That’s based on national statistics published by the Justice Department. Almost 75% of agencies have less than 25 offices who patrol counties/towns where standards aren’t’ balanced or don’t exist. This highlights the need for changes including leadership training.

A criminologist from the University of Maryland shares that the small size of local police agencies makes problems related to quality control of organization worse. The report was made on 21st Century Policing. The panel was created after the Ferguson shooting. The operations of the town’s police department of about 50 people were reviewed by the justice Department recently.

The review made the conclusion that the local police department used a broad pattern of enforcement that was racially biased. This raised questions about whether small communities can handle important public safety matters and issues such as leadership training.

The White House panel made the conclusion that smaller agencies often don’t have the resources for training such as leadership training and equipment that bigger departments have. This in part explains what happened in Ferguson.