Are you looking for leadership activities? They can have various goals including team-building and morale. If those are the goals you’re trying to achieve here are some of the best options from Yair Hamami leadership:

  1. Human Scavenger Hunt

Here’s another of the top leadership activities to boost morale. This one is used so the team members get to know each other better. They should also feel more comfortable interacting in a group setting.

Here’s how it works. The group members must use interpersonal skills to communicate with each other in order to find info about group members.  The facilitator must provide a list of 4-5 info items for the members of the team to find.

This is one of the top leadership activities in part because it’s fun to find things. There are different items the group can look for. That includes info such as who’s been to Country X, owns a pair of skis, wears contact lenses, and so on.

The team member who collects all the info first can get a reward. Another theme is for them to be acknowledged in front of the group. What’s important is that the team members practice their communication skills and get to know each other better.

  1. A Truth and a Lie

Here’s another of the top leadership activities that your team members can complete. It’s one of the most fun activities when people are meeting for the first time.

First, each person must stand up then introduce themselves. Then each person must say two things about themselves. One of the statements must be the truth and the other one must be a lie. The goal is to make the lie seem like the truth.

The other group members then convene to guess which statement is the truth. This is an effective exercise for various reasons. It helps the members to get to know the others better. It also helps to boost open communication. These are both important skills that can make the team more effective.

  1. Values Name-Tag

This is one of the top leadership activities for morale. It was designed so team members can get to know each other better and communicate better. Here’s how it works. Each person on the team gets a 3×5 index card and a marker. They write their name on the center of the card. There should be space left around the name for more words or sketches.

The facilitator has about 4-5 questions that help to provide views of the values of the team members. There are various types of questions that can be asked. They include ones about the best book the person read or who their role models are.

The answer to each question is written in the four corners of the 3×5 name card. Then after each person has finished the task the members are encouraged to talk with each other and read/discuss the values name-tags.

These are some of the best leadership activities if you’re looking for ones that can boost your team’s morale. Make sure to consider trying each of them since they can be quite effective in improving morale.