Do you want to achieve success in business? If so then you should consider these companies that achieved that due to good luck and/or timing:

  1. FedEx

You’ve probably heard of FedEx but you might not know how it achieved success in business. It’s important to know the story of Fred Smith. History has shown that the company’s business model is one that can and does work. However, Smith’s professor in college didn’t agree.

In fact, Smith received a low grade for an assignment that involved the concept of FedEx. However, Smith was “lucky” because it turned out it was an excellent business model that made him very successful. In fact, his value is now about $3.7 billion (2016).

  1. PayPal

Peter Thiel was a founder of PayPal and invested in big companies like Facebook. However, he wasn’t always able to achieve success in business. In fact, his hedge fund Clarium Capital lost 90% of the company’s $7 billion in assets due to various factors. They included the stock market, oil prices, and currencies.

However, Theil improved his “luck” by continuing to work at achieving business success. He was able to achieve that goal but it was a matter of motivating himself to keep trying in the business world.

  1. Quincy Apparel

Wallace is now the vice president of branding/marketing at Startup Institute. However, she is also the co-founder of Quincy Apparel. The company went out of business in 2013. Wallace remained in bed for 3 weeks. However, she then decided to get up and start living again.

Wallace has become successful again and achieved success in business. She became “lucky” by realizing that she could achieve success again by trying again to succeed at business.

  1. Henry Kaiser

Kaiser was the founder of Kaiser Shipyards. He’s also frequently called the “father” of Modern-day American shipbuilding. However, an interesting event happened during World War II. Kaiser’s Liberty ships began using welded hulls. However, it resulted in a negative result as some of the hulls began to crack. Sometimes they cracked into two pieces.

This was a tough start for Kaiser. However, he kept improving his ship-building methods and within time achieved success in business. This showed that Kaiser made his own “luck” by continuing to tweak the systems and processes used to build the sea vessels.

  1. Oracle

Lawrence Ellison is the founder of Oracle. The company has struggled at times but has become quite successful. However, Ellison wasn’t always able to achieve success. He dropped out of college then worked as a computer programmer for almost a decade.

Oracle had problems for years until it became successful. In fact, Ellison had to mortgage his own house in order to get enough credit to keep the company going. However, it’s clear that he’s now achieved business success since he’s become one of the US’ richest people.

These are some top examples of success in business from companies that represent the ability to make your own “luck” through perseverance after having tough times.