Are you looking for top business leaders? Here are some of the best Chinese businesspeople you can learn from:

  1. Wang Jianzhou

Wang was the leader of China Unicom then China Mobile. He’s become one of the top leaders in the China’s communication industry throughout the past 1.5 decades. He graduated in the year 1985 from Zheilang University with a degree in Management Engineering.

Wang previously served as director general of the Dept. of Planning and Construction. That’s in the Ministry of Posts and Communications. He also served as director general of the Dept. of General Planning. That’s in the Ministry of Information Industry. These are some of the reasons he’s often included in lists of top business leaders in China.

Wang joined China Mobile in the year 2004. His goal is to develop a profitable/advanced telecom carrier in China.

He received the GSMA Chairman’s Award in 2011. The award was created in 1995 in order to recognize top-notch contributions by individuals in terms of the growth/development of global mobile communications.

  1. Ma Huateng

Ma founded Tencent in 1998. Since then it’s become China’s biggest and most often used Internet community. The instant messaging (IM) program Tencent QQ has over 711 million active users. This helps to explain why Ma is one of China’s top business leaders. It’s basically changed the way communication is done in China.

The company’s yearly revenue hit $3.1 billion in 2010. In fact, the company is the biggest Internet company in China. Its service includes email, messaging, e-commerce, and search. Ma has two decades of experience working in the IT industry. He continues to work in the company’s process of product development. Not only that but Ma also recent started building Tencent as the biggest open platform.  This is one of the reasons he’s included in lists of China’s top business leaders.

  1. Zhang Jindong

Suning Appliance has become one of the biggest companies in China’s market of home appliances throughout the last half decade. That’s happened as Chinese companies and foreign-based electronic corporations have competed to earn more market share in China.

Zhang is one of the co-founders of Suning and has also become one of the top business leaders. Zhang was also the first person to create the chain store model for home appliance chains in China.

  1. Liu Yonghao

Liu is chairman of New Hope Group. During the 1990s he was China’s most famous private businessman. He was originally involved in the business of livestock breeding. His New Hope Group now manages agribusiness both in China and in other countries. It has over 400 subsidiaries as well more than 80,000 workers. This is one of the reasons he’s ranked as one of the top business leaders.

During the past 20 years even though Liu has joined other sectors he’s stayed in the agribusiness even when times were tough. He made several moves to give New Hope Group a larger edge within the global market. The business model of agriculture, farmers, and enterprises has turned farming into a better industry for farmers.